PHASE 3, April 2012

Six artists from Berlin one from Sweden travelled to Srinagar to work there with artists from Kashmir.

We stayed five days on a houseboat visiting Bhands, traditional folk theater groups in the villages, participating at a meeting of SSARL a group of Kashmiri who work on reconciliation between Muslim and Hindi.  We celebrated Easter in a small village near  Anantnag being guests at the Fire Day, a traditional Sufi celebration.

For one week we worked on the Campus of University Srinagar where we explored possibilities of cooperation through different kind of medias like tangible materials, sound and body movements.  We welcomed  a wide audience in the  auditorium of the University to introduce Kashmir.Point.Charlie .  Yet  performances were closed down when they moved into public space of the Campus.

After our time at the University we shared a wonderful time with students of  Ekta School of Drama run by Bawahni Bashir Yasir. Three days of non- stop- workshops and celebrations with students of Ekta left  certainly the glance of a high light during Kashmir.Point.Charlie.

Back in Delhi we were living in an empty flat continuing to explore possibilities of cooperation which we finalized  for this Phase III  in a presentation at Sarai.

Thanks for contributions for this phase III by :Matty Ben , Vivien Ross, Hanako Geierhos, Andreas Sell, Irmelin Joelson ,  Showkat Ahmad, Jeetin Rangher, Arif Bashir, Bashir Yasir Bawahni, students of Ekta, Bhand Panther, SSARL, Gowhar Yacob, Mahum Shabir, Mir  Suhail Quadiri, Bashir Lone, Yuka Oyama , Kate Squires, Dean of Student Welfare, University of Kashmir and Faculty of Music and Fine Arts , Sarai Delhi…and many other


College of Art Delhi

College of Art Delhi

Rice with Safran distributed by SSARL group while performance weekend with students from art College and performers from Japan.